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Ten Week Series: The Retirement Account

Starting in June, I'm going to kick off a 10-week series to dive head first into the topic of retirement. Yuck, retirement! I mean what is retirement, ACTUALLY? Does retirement look like this? Or maybe like this? Or does it seem like this: That's what I want to explore in the next 10 weeks. After [...]

Airfare Price Discrimination Based on Country of Booking?

Hey y'all. I've been doing a decent amount of research for my upcoming trips later this year. As I may have mentioned before, I love perks. And I hate missing out on said perks. As much as I hate missing out on perks though, I would rather miss out on a perk than be overcharged [...]

How Fear of Failure Is Costing You

This post may contain affiliate links, read our disclosure policy for more information. Today, I want to explore a topic that I've been researching a lot lately: the fear of failure. Probably not what you were expecting, huh? Failure has been a topic that has been coming up more and more in my mind recently. [...]

Motivation: Youth vs. Adult

I once cried throwing away parts of a sandwich. You see, I love my parents. In lieu of mother’s day this year, I called mother twice this year to thank her. They reside overseas, and the first time was too early, and the second time was too late. Bummer. But my mother's love is an unforgettable [...]

Student Loans: The Long Road to Debt Freedom

  Today, I'd like to talk about that desperate feeling of never being able to achieve your goal of paying off your student debt. Trust me. I've been there, and I know what it feels like the end is never coming. I graduated with approximately $33,000 in loans and paid it off in just over [...]